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Araucaria cunninghamii - Hoop Pine - 20 seeds

Araucaria cunninghamii - Hoop Pine - 20 seeds

This is a large Australian native conifer that can reach up to 60m tall in its native habitat occurring in rainforest and rainforest margins along the east coast of Australia from Macleay River in NSW up to Cape York Peninsula and extends into PNG.
It is slow growing and very long lived.
It has a symmetrical cone shaped habit with a straight rough barked trunk, the common name comes from the outer layer of bark which forms scale like horizontal hoops.
The branches are whorled and the foliage is glossy green, linear and 10 - 15cm long with a pointy tip.
Male and female cones occur on the same tree with the male cones form a dense cluster of cylindrical spikes.
Female seedcones are round and occur near the top of the tree, seeds are released with the cone scale when the ripe female cone 8 - 10cm in diameter turns brown and disintegrates on the tree and seeds are dispersed by the wind from late Spring to late Summer.
Prefers subtropical and tropical climates but is hardy in colder districts, best in full sun and is adaptable to a wide range of soils and conditions as long as the annual rainfall exceeds 75cm and soil is well drained.
Mulch well and keep well watered in Summer.
This species is established as a commercial plantation tree throughout SE QLD and the timber is valuable for a wide range of uses.
Can be grown as a container plant when young indoors and outdoors and makes a great tree for a large garden.
This listing is for 20 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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