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Acacia saligna - Golden Wreath Wattle - 30 seeds

Acacia saligna - Golden Wreath Wattle - 30 seeds


Acacia saligna, commonly known as the Golden Wreath Wattle is a very fast growing large shrub or small tree reaching up to 10m tall developing a spreading crown and is native to WA but has naturalised in other states.  


Phyllodes (leaves) to 20cm long and up to 2cm wide, occasionally bluish green. 


Flowers are large golden balls in Spring. 


Generally this is an adaptable species in cultivation, responding favourably to sunny, reasonably well drained positions in most soils, is frost hardy to -7°C and drought hardy when established and resistant to salt spray.


Useful as a tall background plant, hedging plant or for coastal situations and suitable for planting in tropical situations.   


Has become a weed in NE NSW and South Africa.  


30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.  

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