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Acacia binervia - Australian Coastal Myall - 30 seeds

Acacia binervia - Australian Coastal Myall - 30 seeds


A medium sized tree reaching heights of up to 14m and has rough, fibrous bark and grey sickle shaped phyllodes (leaves) with blooms borne during Spring in golden rod-like clusters.  This is a handsome fast-growing plant suited to coastal situations.

It has been also proven as an attractive bonsai subject, particularly for upright styles.

If propagating as a Bonsai, use a medium of sand, soil and cow manure.  This species can develop a distinct tap root as well as significant fibrous root-mass and nitrogen fixing nodules, the presence of these is a sign of health and that it can withstand root pruning.  It is revitalised by pruning and it can be reduced to bare wood at root pruning and at other times leave some foliage.

Trim constantly during the growth period to the first or second leaf - with Spring growth elongation occurs - retain sufficient length for flowers and then pinch out the tip.  Cut back hard after flowering.  Wiring is safe as long as upward growth is checked and water as normal with good drainage.

This species withstands light frost and coastal conditions.

30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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