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Seeds, Seeds and More Seeds!!!

Just been a little busy putting a "few" new lines into stock and more coming over the next few weeks - we're still adding a selected variety to the Seedy Webshop but all of these are up on our ebay store Australiana Plants and Seeds.

Be sure to subscribe for extra specials only offered to our website members, including discounts, free shipping and more!

Acacia macradenia - Zig Zag Wattle

Acacia podalyriifolia - QLD Silver Wattle

Acacia suaveolens - Sweet Scented Wattle

Adansonia gregorii - Australian Baobab - fresh seeds back in stock now!

Agapanthus orientalis Blue - African Lily - An old classic

Alocasia brisbanensis - Cunjevoi Lily / Elephant's Ear - Big foliage and fresh seeds best sown now!

Alpinia caerulea Red Back - Red Back Native Ginger - Beautiful and Edible!

Amaryllis belladonna - Mixed Colour Hippeastrum

Angophora costata - Smooth Barked Apple

Austromyrtus dulcis - Midgen Berry - Great bush tucker and a cute shrub for the garden!

Banksia ashbyi ssp boreoscaia -

Banksia conferta v conferta - Glasshouse Banksia

Banksia elderiana - Swordfish Banksia

Banksia formosa syn Dryandra formosa - Showy Banksia

Banksia leptophylla syn B. sphaerocarpa v pinifolia

Banksia nivea - Honeypot Banksia

Banksia nobilis syn Dryandra nobilis - Golden Banksia / Kerosene Bush

Banksia obtusa syn Dryandra obtusa - Shning Honeypot

Banksia oreophila - Mountain Banksia

Banksia paludosa - Swamp Banksia

Banksia sphaerocarpa v dolichophylla - Dome Banksia

Banksia spinulosa v collina - Golden Candlesticks / Hill Banksia

Banksia tenuis syn Dryandra tenuifolia - King Banksia

Barklya syringifolia - Golden Blossom Tree - A stunning tree when in full bloom!

Bolusanthus speciosus - Tree Wisteria - Another Bonsai Favourite!

Brachychiton rupestris - QLD Bottle Tree - Seeds back in stock! Brunonia australis - Blue Pincushions -

Callistemon glaucus syn Melaleuca glaucus - Albany Bottlebrush

Carex appressa - Tall Sedge - New Wetland Species

Cobaea scandens - Purple and White Mixed Cathedral Bells / Cup and Saucer Vine

Cyathea australis - Rough Tree Fern

Cyathea cooperi - Lacy Tree Fern

Cyperus polystachyos - Bunchy Sedge - New Wetland Species

Daviesia cordata - Bookleaf

Dicksonia antarctica - Soft Tree Fern

Dietes bicolor - Yellow Wild Iris - Hardy and low maintenance

Dietes grandiflora - Wild Iris - Hardy and low maintenance

Dietes iridoides - Fortnight Lily - Hardy and low maintenance

Feijoa sellowiana - Pineapple Guava - Back in stock!

Ficinia nodosa syn Isolepsis nodosa - Knotted Club Rush - New Wetland Species

Ficus benjamina - Weeping Fig - Great for Bonsai!

Ficus obliqua - Small Leaved Fig - Great for Bonsai

Flindersia brayleyana - QLD Maple

Gahnia aspera - Rough Saw Sedge - Coming soon!

Gahnia sieberiana - Red Fruit Saw Sedge - Coming soon!

Grevillea candelabroides - Candelabra Grevillea

Grevillea decora - Bronze Grevillea

Grevillea eriostchya - Yellow Flame Grevillea

Grevillea excelsior - Flame Grevillea

Grevillea hookeriana - Red Toothbrushes - Should be called Black Toothbrushes!

Grevillea johnsonii - Johnson's Spider Flower

Grevillea polybotrya - Caramel Grevillea - A rarely offered species, get it while you can.

Grevillea pterosperma - Desert Spider Flower

Grevillea sessilis - White Flowering Grevillea

Grevillea stenobotrya - Rattle Pod Grevillea / Sandhill Spider Flower

Hakea drupacea syn H. suaveolens - Sweet Hakea

Juncus usitatus - Common Rush - Coming soon!

Kennedia microphylla - Minature Running Postman - A great Aussie Native for hanging baskets!

Kunzea pomifera - Muntries - Back in stock!

Leptospermum brachyandrum - Weeping Tea Tree - Back in Stock!

Lepironia articulata - Grey Sedge - New Wetland Species

Macadamia tetraphylla - Macadamia - Locally collected seeds!

Magnolia grandiflora - Southern Magnolia -

Metrosideros excelsa - New Zealand Christmas Bush - Back in stock!

Nitraria billardiera - Native Grape / Nitre Bush - Coming soon!

Ptilotus exaltatus - Tall Mulla Mulla - A weird and Wonderful WA Native!

Punica granatum - Pomegranate - Delicious red jewelled fruit or try it as a Bonsai!

Schoenoplectus mucronatus - Bog Bulrush / Scirpus Club Rush - New Wetland Species

Sequoia sempervirens - Coast Redwood - A Bonsai favourite is back in stock!

Sequoiadendron giganteum - Giant Sequoia - A Bonsai favourite is back in stock!

Strelitzia nicolai - White Giant Bird of Paradise

Swainsona stenodonta - Black Swainsona - A different Swainsona with dark purple flowers!

Syncarpia glomulifera - Turpentine Tree / Yanderra

Tulbaghia violacea - Society Garlic - A cute clumping perennial perfect for a cottage garden effect

Wahlenbergia stricta - Native Bluebell

Xanthorrhoea australis - Southern Grass Tree

Xanthorrhoea glauca - QLD Blue Grass Tree

Xanthorrhoea johnsonii - QLD Grass Tree

Xanthorrhoea macronema - Bottlebrush Grass Tree

Xanthorrhoea preissii - Grass Tree

Zelkova serrata - Japanese Elm - Popular with Bonsai Enthusiasts!

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